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What is ReTALA?Updated 8 months ago

You can now send back the TALA pieces you no longer wear, where our partner Reskinned takes on the responsibility of keeping them out of landfill through a transparent process of reselling, repurposing, or recycling, and giving them new life.

When our well-worn items are no longer fit for purpose, deciding next steps can be hard. With a truck load of clothing going to landfill every second, we know that as part of the fashion industry, we are part of the problem.  But we are also trying to be part of the solution by creating better options.

We’ve never dumped our stock into landfill, and since our inception we’ve been on a mission to show the fashion industry that there are ways to do better. Some of the ways we've done this so far have been by using pre and post consumer recycled materials, only ordering quantities we think we can sell, and committing to sending 0% to landfill on our side - but we can always do more.

A takeback programme is something that has been on our vision board from the very start of our journey, almost for 4 years. We have been working on it behind the scenes for the last 12 months and we’re so excited to finally introduce you to ReTALA, in partnership with Reskinned.

ReTALA is currently only available within the UK. 

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