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ReTALA Takeback discountsUpdated 4 days ago

Only genuine TALA branded items can be traded in for a voucher. Non-TALA items will not qualify for discount credit and will be recycled

Receive a takeback discount voucher up to the value of £25 (depending on the items returned) to spend online at www.wearetala.com

The value of the takeback discount voucher is at the sole discretion of TALA only.

Only one takeback discount voucher can be redeemed per transaction (not against sale/ gift card/ delivery charges). 

Takeback discount vouchers can be redeemed against full price product only 

Takeback discount vouchers are valid for 12 months after issue. 

Takeback discount vouchers are one-off and must be entered at checkout at time of purchase to redeem and cannot be honoured retrospectively 

Takeback discount vouchers are one time use only. If you return items purchased using a takeback voucher voucher no further use of the voucher  will be permitted. If you return a product purchased with a takeback voucher voucher you will receive a refund of the discounted price paid for the item. 

Only UK customers are eligible to participate in the TALA takeback programme 

Takeback discount vouchers cannot be used in stores, independent stockists, concessions or outlets, or applied to the purchase of gift cards

If you include multiple take back items, you will receive a single discount voucher for the full amount

Unfortunately, we cannot offer credit for underwear, pyjamas, socks but feel free to add them in your return. 

Returns only to be sent using the Reskinned portal

You can only send back up to one take-back return per 6 months

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