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Customs & Import Fees

Information on Customs & Import Fees outside of the UK.

Will I have to pay Customs Fees to the EU?

From 29/02/2024 all orders placed for delivery within the EU will include VAT and any applicable duties.For orders made prior to 29/02/2024:We ship all of our orders from the United Kingdom (UK) and as the UK is no longer part of the EU, our expectat

I have been asked to pay a duty fee to receive my delivery - what is this for?

We ship all orders from the United Kingdom (UK) Some countries charge a duty or tax on packages imported from the UK therefore you may be asked to pay a fee to receive your order. Customers in the US will be charged any state taxes due on your order

My order is stuck in Customs.

It is expected that all customs departments will have longer processing times at peak periods throughout the year such as Black Friday and Christmas and will also be affected by local public holidays.Please double check you emails and text messages f